The city is bustling with dirt and sound, helmets and feet;

and I look for you.

My dreams were blurry, passed by asking something strange…

dressed out of context, wake up and look for you.

Look for you,

knowing exactly where you are;

knowing that your life is off limits,

that your heart was not mine.

See them everywhere with their skinny bodies

and their urban dreams: males, females.

And I look for you.

You are lost out there,

trying to find what no one promised you’d get;

trying to steal a look, a talk, a breath…

trying to be close to something you admire.

And I look for you.

Like looking through a glass at a colony of ants

that I can observe but can’t feel.

I look for you.

Knowing that I don’t know,

and never knew;

that the bliss we shared was a mind construct,

that it only existed in the open heart

that once asked if he could trust,

and will never again.

And I look for you,

knowing with certainty

that there’s nothing to look

at, for, forward to.

 By tuttysan © 2007 

And I look for you – a poem. Photo: Downtown Chicago, IL.