My second nephew was born two days ago. My sister getting pregnant after trying for so long was a big gift, not only for her, but our family who had seen her wait with a mix of patience and deep frustration. Not four years ago, the mere thought of pregnancy used to almost repulse me: the weight, the slow walks… yuck!  The very idea of pro-creating seemed primal at best. Then, one of my favorite cousins had a little girl. Knowing that someone else on earth would have his genes was exciting. For the first time, I started to see the human motivation at the core of reproduction. The instinct of passing on our genes is quite powerful, and mother nature makes sure our body chemistry convinces us it is all about true love.

Two nights ago, I got a phone picture of my nephew. I was so excited I wanted to show the world, and I almost did 🙂 ! I can hardly describe the excitement of seeing him through the distance. It makes me wonder what I would feel if I saw my own child. I can almost touch him through the screen and I know this little one has my genes.

The baby’s birth made me think of a conversation I had this summer with an old friend in Santo Domingo. He sounded regretful that he’d had a son and was genuinely concerned that this child was going to inherit a tough, cruel world and he felt unfair by bringing him here. At the time I thought, and still do, that my friend was projecting. Who’s to say this world is no place for a baby? Who are we to anticipate the state of affairs a person will encounter as a result of their life decisions? I personally am excited at what this world can offer my offspring, and at what my offspring will contribute to it. I no longer think I would burden this earth by bringing one more child into it. Heck, the world can use some more of my suga’ around. Don’t you think?

Good work sister! And here’s for you angel, be blessed once and many times:

Sweet angel,

How easy it is to see the face of god when I see you;

how easy to see my diluted genes through your sleeping eyes;

How precious life is through your tiny nose!

How one can love so much

someone one’s never seen.

Spirit’s not extinct,

our legacy lives on.

By tuttysan © 2007

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