Between you and I - a poem.

I’m glad those weren’t flowers you were bringing from the car.

I’m glad you didn’t notice me when I left after class.

I’m glad you didn’t take me with you on that weekend fishing trip.

I’m glad you moved away with people more like you.

I’m glad your disorderly obsessions didn’t get the best of you.

I’m glad you’re not here.

I’m glad I’m not there.

All is perfect… each sheep with its flock.

There’s method to the madness.

Don’t fear it, don’t sweat it.

If you lose it, don’t regret it.

Chaos is an illusion.

Intelligent design is always at work.

Today I open my eyes to see

that all is well in paradise.

By tuttysan © 2007

Between you and I – a poem. Photo: Portland Japanese Gardens.