El maestro - a poem for my father. biteslife.com

El maestro – a poem for my father. biteslife.com

The giant and the midget hold hands.

As they walk the town streets, dust.

Is that your daughter? How big she’s gotten!

Her golden locks sway with the warm wind.

Her ample forehead sweats in the Caribbean heat.

Her little plaid dress made of nylon red flies.

I’ll walk miles with you.

I’ll sweep your church for you.

If you let my head rest on your Santa belly.

If you let me keep the pennies

that roll out of your pocket.

I’ll walk the seaside boulevard with you

and listen to your stories.

I’ll be silent while you pay reverence

to life and beauty, to love and God.

I’ll slow down to your pace.

I’ll buy your favorite yogurt.

I’ll take you to the Yankee game.

I’ll give you all I have, father.

By tuttysan © 2007

El maestro – a poem for my father, a.k.a. “el maestro” (the master) in his Dominoes circle.