Estranged family. Dominican artist in Boca Chica.

Estranged family. Dominican artist in Boca Chica.

Estranged family – a poem

Sister, I’ve known you long

Quisqueya birthed us both

A rebel you were, taught me a few tricks

You, free from oppression; I, free from you

We went our own ways and engaged in cat fights… occasionally

most of which I won

Sister, a Massacre divides us and keeps us both safe

you from intrusion, me from your sadness

For you’ve been beaten, violated, isolated and ignored

more than I care to acknowledge

and perhaps because I care, I choose not to know

a knot gathers in my throat every time I hear of you

unexplainable sorrow rushes through my blood

because it is also your blood

Sister, the H is silent and so are your pains.

‘Nou se mond la, nou se timoun yo’

Let them hear your cries

Let them clean your wounds

so you can find your way

How can you get lost in such a small land?

Quisqueya hears you. Quisqueya heals you.

The mother of all lands gave you the highest ground.

Wipe off your tears, so you can see

from so high so great

what you can be, Haiti.

By tuttysan © 2010

Estranged family – a poem. See more Love bites.