If you know me well you’ll know
I say what I think and write what I feel,
that I rarely wear my favorite color;
that I show my smiles and cover my tears.

That the water is not as shallow or as clear as it looks
and though I indulge in simple pleasures,
I’m not about simple things.

You will know I like people more than ideologies
and silence more than people.
That I’d love to have five lives and live them all… simultaneously.

That I lost my soul high up on a mountain
and been looking for it every since;
that I left my joy in a bus by Hato Viejo
gazing at grazing cows on a rolling hill.

You will know where I want my ashes spread
and who doesn’t want me to burn.
That there are things I like with foam;
that my tongue is sharp and my skin thin.

That I left my heart on an empty beach
posing for a picture in bikini;
that when I close my eyes I see the Bay,
from China Camp, the Richmond Bridge.

You will know I value friendships more than things and nothing more than peace.

That I try to find balance on a mat and rest in a cup of tea;
that my cross is so light it’s sometimes a burden.
That I left my love bathing by the sea,
close my eyes and see it every morning.

By tuttysan © 2010

Exposee – a poem. Photo: Coastal Walk Bondi Beach, Australia.