Mix water and oil.

Dirt rises clouding the water…

all the while letting your belly of silk caress me from behind,

like a hand a rose.

Cause mayhem.

Put me on that roller coaster I wish not to ride;

if you must.

You find it interesting

the places I’ve been, the stories I tell.

I live the present

and the person I was stayed in those moments.

Get a new me every time the sun rises.

Get a new you?

Keep pushing buttons.

What if this went to hell?

One morning you wake up and my presence ceases to excite you,

routine takes over?

Make up a fight for no apparent reason.

So we can make up.

Stir up emotions… inside.

Inquisitiveness is amusing; over-confidence endearing.

Insecurity is reassuring.

Get on my nerves and inside my brain.

Slowly crawl into my heart.

Claim it is yours; if it makes you smile.

Claim I’m yours. Perhaps you’re right.

Or maybe you’ve just scratched the surface.

By tuttysan © 2007

Falling, a poem. Photo: Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone.