For what it's worth - a poem.

Let me cry in vain

Let my heart acknowledge the hurt I won’t

Let me feel the pain

Let my human be weak and my spirit grow strong

Let the tears flow

Let disappointment leave me a bitter taste

Let the sorrow show

Let me mourn time spent, moments gone to waste

Let me feel I’ve lost

Although there is no losing what one’s never had

Let me feel I must

Stand my ground, put down my foot and be pleased, not sad

Let me touch your face

When I close my eyes and reach out my hands

Let me dream of maze

Confused, overwhelmed, too much bag in the sand

Let me fret like a child

Stump my foot, pull hair, scream, pout

Emotion turns logic wild

Expects what was never promised; drama queen; down and out

Let me check reason at the door

Wear my heart on my sleeve, be an easy target

Let sadness drag me to the floor

Make them red, those green eyes, tears scarlet

Let my nerves be broken

Let my stomach hurt

Let the life I’ve chosen

Spill all over my shirt

Let my life stare me in the face here and there

And drag me into bed

And keep me there immobile

Until I’ve cried my loss, my gain, my past

Until all is out

Until I’m ready

For the next round

Let me mourn

And don’t ask me to smile

Let me mourn the wounded love I put to sleep

That I would again; settling is not my style.

Let whomever is listening know

That this was important, that it mattered

Throw fits heart, let it show

Be vulnerable for a change.

And then smile at the knowledge that there is no end

there is no loss and no doors closing

Smile that you were drowning in a glass of water

hiding the sun with your finger, being a spoiled brat

there is no cake without frosting

no night without day

no end without beginning

For what it’s worth, cry your heart out by this ominous Bay.

By tuttysan © 2007.

For what it’s worth. A poem. Photo: Cabo Rojo, Pedernales – Dominican Republic.