Heals - a poem. Photo: Maimon Bay, Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic.

Like a stroke of fresh paint on an old canvas,

your love rejuvenates.

Like a cup of fresh coffee on a busy morning,

your love revitalizes.

Like a bouquet of flowers in the middle of a room,

your love beautifies.

Like rocks in a river filtering fresh water,

your love cleanses.

Like seeing candy through the eyes of a child,

your love excites.

Like a long, big hug from the most caring arms,

your love comforts.

Like salt on white rice,

your love brings out the taste.

Like a blank stare at a breathtaking sight,

your love is peace.

Like the rolling of eyes,

your love says it all without saying a thing.

Like a heartfelt smile,

your love feels good.

Like knowing there is no tomorrow,

your love is presence.

Like the hands of Amparo,

your love heals.

© 2007 tuttysan

Heals – a poem. Photo: Maimón Bay, Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic