If Eminem were Zen

what would he rap about then?

Would we hear all the slander

if there weren’t any anger?

Would he give fans such a thrill

without threatening to kill?

Would he still be Slim Shady

if he started chanting daily?

Eminem, multi-platinum:

If you shed the pain facade,

would you still be a rap god?

If your light shone through in peace,

would your earnings then decrease?

Would you give it all away

if it meant you found your way?

If you learned what makes you grim,

would you then stop trashing Kim?

And would people buy your albums

if you trade for “Om” your stardom?

As I hear your songs berserk

I sit wondering with a smirk:

Would hip hop ever lose its gem

to an enlightened Eminem?

 By tuttysan © 2013