If only - a poem.

If I knew you miss me

I would wonder why you don’t tell me.

If you were to tell me

I would say do something about it.

If you did something about it

we would have to start over.

If we did start over, we would hurt each other.

If I hurt again, I would forget you missed me.

If love were enough, we would be together.

If love were enough, there would be no wonder.

What if you sang me unheard of songs?

What if you wrote me letters untold?

What if our best was saved for last?

I wish you would surprise me and prove me wrong.

If only feelings flowed like rivers.

If only we had no feelings.

If only’s are many

If only’s are all.

By tuttysan © 2007

If only – a poem. Photo: Historic Riverside, IL.