Labels - a poem.

Labels – a poem.

You’re one of those

who folds yours socks but don’t make your bed,

who wears a cross but chants Om,

who is pro-life but believes in choice.

I’m one of those

who talks much but prefers silence,

who cares a lot, and yet not enough,

who has a home but don’t feel at home,

who feels a void I don’t avoid.

Measuring tape won’t do me any good.

I will not fit in your cardboard box.

None of your labels will spell out my name,

and none of mine will spell out yours.

You’re one of those

who wears a rock and hugs a tree,

who flies with birds and bathes with pigs,

who cleans up well but not always cleans up;

who is courageous and cowardly,

selfish but giving.

I am one

who declines to be jailed

by names, ideologies and “truths”;

who refuses to be fooled

by the suffering of this realm.

I don’t care to join

the rat race to nowhere.

You’re one of those

who has taken life too seriously

but somehow, not enough.

You’re happiest

thinking of existence as an illusion,

a fleeting dream.

Save your judgement

for things you can describe.

Use your breath for a deep inhale;

or to cool a cup of tea.

Wear your own cross; or share my Om.

As you come in, leave shoes

and labels at the door.

By tuttysan © 2011

Labels poem.