Metaphor - a poem. Photo: Butterfly wing at Reiman Gardens Iowa.

I greet you with a smile, my brightest love.

You come shining through my window

like a ray of light.

Your hands pick me up and guide me

to a luscious garden,

with greens and color, water and life.

The colors are all you, oh precious eyes!

You are the breeze blowing softly in my face;

a deep, calm breath

and just a gaze.

You are comforting silence standing still,

intuition, understanding,

acceptance and peace.

I greet you with adolescent giggles, oh butterfly!

You are my prayers answered, a grin on my face.

Caution to the wind, eyes wide open, heart at once.

Blues with frozen gaze, skin of milk blushing at life.

I greet you with open arms, my sweetest one.

You are the wind, you are the wind;

and you can blow. Blow my way!

I greet you overcome with joy, my freshest love.

Perfect as you’ll ever be,

young and bright;

emissary wisdom settled home.

A flower, you’re a flower.

Be an orchid. Stay longer.

You are the one books told about:

the feeling, the story

prince charming in shining armor;

heart-breaker, heart mender.

You are the aged man exuding wisdom,

the young horse forcing forth.

I embrace you with open arms, my dearest love.

You are the sun.  You are the sun!

May our paths be one.

May I serve your morning coffee.

May I sleep to your caress.

May I stare blank at your face.

May I watch your perfect body never get old.

May I witness your wild spirit never be tamed.

May your light keep shining through my window.

And if our journeys are here to part:

may glorious be life, and exalted be love.

May all things good come to you.

May you experience bliss, peace, silence.

May you embody joy.

May your trail be roses of your favorite colors.

May their smell bring you smiles.

May you walk on soft petals.

May the thorns go ignored.

May your essence shine forth.

May your love be abundant, ever-present… reassuring, oh dove!

May your life be brightened, as you’ve brightened mine.

May our smiles cross, once more.

May our gazes stare again.

May we make love, once and many more:

on that cloud at the end of the rainbow.

In gratitude and love,

© 2007 tuttysan

Metaphor. A poem. Photo: butterfly wing at Reiman Gardens, Ames IA.