Mother prison - a poem.

Mother prison – a poem.

Mother prison, seven billion strong.

Beyond your waters, space for walls.

An army of sleepers, calling you a stage.

Most of them dreaming, some wide awake.

Taking avatars for a ride

in a quantum slumber that some call life.

Just like a mother, with you it’s the same:

taking none of the credit and all of the blame.

The lucid dreamers know to design

masterpieces with you aligned.

Those with amnesia forget it’s a ride,

puzzled by rules

and interests that collide.

Mother prison, I dream awake.

Let me paint a masterpiece

no one will admire.

For everyone is busy weaving their own dreams,

conducting concertos

in symphonies of seem.

And when I am done dreaming

this last dream of mine,

please let me be home

at Is-Be, my land.

By tuttysan © 2013

Inspired by the book “Alien Interview” by Lawrence Spencer.