“What good is living when you are no longer needed?”

It is true, you are not needed.

But are you loved?

Ah, yes. You lost the capacity for unconditional love.

Feelings did not survive the Concentration Camps.

Your reptilian needs are well covered. Thankfully.

Your high intellect has been cultivated. Tactfully.

But the elusive emotions, the ones you place in the middle

akin to those of dogs… those torment you.

Dogs know days in advance their companion’s time to die.

Do you?

When your time is near, what do you seek if not company?

The embrace of friends, old and new… people of lesser intellect, perhaps.

You no longer care. Even a tech store rep will do.

When you are no longer needed, what good are resources, knowledge?

If all you need is a hug, if you would drive cross-country to get one.

Your body is decaying, yet your spirit is soaring. You know this.

You have the drive of five young men. So drive you do.

Booze will quiet your mind, maybe. But what will appease you?

Love is the higher mind. It always has been.

Needing is not needed when there is love.

Stay for coffee. You are no bother.

You are not needed, but you are loved.

If only you understood that you are love.

Scarcity does not apply.

Come again: love is always in demand.

By tuttysan © 2013