If there’s after life, live.

If this is all there is, with more reason live.

If the world is ending, live.

If the wheels keep on spinning, live.

Live as though there’s no tomorrow.


if the river flows or floods;

if fires burn,

if storms destroy,

if the earth quakes.

Live, as if there’s no end

and if tomorrow is the end.


the sensation of cool water on a hot summer day,

the heat of flesh,

the love of child,

the green of nature,

the red.


as though there were no cynics

trying to wake you from your dream of joy.

Live the birth of fruit,

the simple things.

Live intensely,

whether life is a figment

or the end of what is.

Grab your only truth,

hold your only friend:

the most profound revelation,

your moment,

this instant…

if it lasts a second

or eternity.

By tuttysan © 2011

Against the current – poem.