Romance is a garment - a poem.

Romance is a garment in the washing machine.

It needs the right setting and temperature to clean.

With frequent washes, colors will fade.

The garment might shrink, or it could even break.

But if break it doesn’t, and habit it withstands,

It becomes more comfortable,

the right glove for your hand.

With time, wear and tear will bring about holes.

Rips and breaks revealing usage has taken its toll.

And eventually the old garment must be thrown away.

Not a problem! You can find it at the store or eBay.

But it’s been discontinued, no use hitting the road.

So you wish you’d been more careful with the setting and the mode.

Out you go, out of comfort to find a new one to mold.

Not as pretty, not as comfortable, but give it time and it might just work.

Romance is a garment in the washing machine…

By tuttysan © 2013