I’m not your love; the one who keeps you up at night staring at the ceiling.

I’m the one you took for granted when you thought you could do better.

Now you know that “better” is loving and being loved.

I’m the one who talks back;

who didn’t compromise essence for love.

The one who wanted you and left you… free to roam.

And roam you did, flying high, shutting me out at every knock.

And one day you woke up longing for more.

The five children we never had were staring you in the face, asking why.

You knocked on my door with usual confidence…

sharing your epiphany, telling me I’m your love.

I’m not your love.

I’m the comforting thought of a reality you didn’t experience.

I’m the one who wouldn’t break your heart…

but now you’ll never know.

I’m the one who slaps you with words every chance I get;

the one who gets under your skin.

I’m the one who would not settle, not even for you;

the one you barely know.

I’m not your love. I’m the excuse not to love.

Please stop using me.

Open your heart and roam.

By tuttysan © 2014