Life and I got into an argument.

I called her neglectful, she called me needy.

I called her stingy, she called me wasteful.

I called her insensitive, she called me touchy.

I said “you fell short,” she said “get over it.”

I called her cavalier, she called me serious.

I called her careless, she said “live a little.”

I called her immature, she said “you should try it.”

I called her overrated, she called me bitter.

I said “you think you’re all that!”

She said “you think you’re not!”

I grabbed her hair, she grabbed my wrist.

I said “I’m throwing you off this cliff!”

She said “I’m yours to throw.”

“Want some Sol food?” I said.

“And beer afterwards” she said.

“You’re a little whore.”

“You’re a bitch yourself. Get me off this cliff, it’s cold!”

We kissed and made up.

By tuttysan © 2007

The fight – a poem. Photo: Sydney Harbour National Park, Australia.