Before you keep playing games, ponder if you can afford to lose.

Love is a capricious child… better tend to it while it wants you.

Before you take me for granted, remember I am like the moon.

Would you like life without me? Will you have no regrets?

Before you keep playing with fire, remember I am a dragon

and my mouth has been kept shot in an effort to save you agony;

but if it’s fire you want…

 Before you kidnap your feelings, consider the look in your eyes

on that beach that July.

Those eyes were wondering what I saw in you, if I loved you back.

And you’re still wondering, refuse to see

the answer was yes then

it is yes now.

 Before you listen to reason, consider what you’re letting go.

Opportunities are balding and you must grab them by the hair.

Before you rest assured, remember we met on a trail.

I passed you by while you were sitting

and came back to get you.

You are still sitting where I left you.

No one else has picked you up

and that includes yourself.

Before you go trusting your mind, listen to intuition.

You mind has broken your heart and it now wants to blame me.

Before your ego runs wild, consider what’s at stake.

Measure what your pride is worth.

While it’s true I love you better,

it is obvious you love me more.

By tuttysan © 2007

The scale. A poem.