to have and not to hold - a poem.

To have and not to hold – a poem. Source:


It holds no object or subject in its grip

It is calm and devoid of passion

It yields no anxiety, wants or waits

It is peace, assurance and present.

It has no prisoners, for it is not a prison

It is the condition that sets us free

It has no boundaries, for it is no thing

it has no agenda, and no pursuit.

It is the gift that keeps on giving

It never leaves you once it comes

It shows up out of thin air through intention and prayer

Wanting better and wanting more

And once you have it there’s no want.

It arrives when you’re ready

And oh, what a glorious appearance!

It doesn’t knock, it comes in

And next thing you know it is there:

Healing your wounds

Brightening your days.

You look at it and as you do

You don’t ask what this is because you know.

It’s finally here and you experience in wonder

Before ever saying a word

And you know that you are ready

And you know this is your gift.

The blessed gift of peace

That will leave you tame and prepped

As you haven’t been before

To give and give

As you haven’t done.

It gives only what it takes

It takes only what it gives

It gives and takes only what it is

It knows no object

It knows no subject.

© 2007 tuttysan