Silent bliss, of being next to.

I want nothing more.

Times like this, under the sun

gazing at the sky on a fallen log.

Rainbows of chalk grace the pavement

with hues of orange, and shirts;

with shades of blue, and flip-flops.

“I like you”, you said – as though it were a gift.

A gift of lust, spontaneity and free-falling.

Falling in love, with the little things, with tiny cheesecakes.

Meister of funk, sharp scissors target your wings.

You better go.  Polish those tunes, fly where you please.

Though plenty of fun,

it wasn’t worth what you were leaving behind.

Entiendo, amor.

Hope it found you, what you needed to try.

Remain unbound,

to jump and play, to ride and sing.

Hope you’ve found joy

in the type of love that makes you feel free.

Give me one more dance

on that crazy stage cycling the sun.

Let me smile again and look in your eyes

as if it were the first time.

To tell you I still know

what I knew back then,

y a lo mejor sabrás:

As uncommon as watching Venus swing by,

our fleeting of love was a rare find.

By tuttysan © 2012

Transit of Venus poem.