Love me when there’s nothing to love:

when the hair has thinned,

when the thin is gone.

Love me when it’s inconvenient:

when you can’t see me, or count on me.

Love me when you get nothing in return:

not the comfort of company,

nor the passion of intimacy.

Love me when there’s nothing to say,

when all has been said and words don’t count.

Love me when I’m least expecting it,

when the story has been told,

when the bridges have been burnt.

Love me the way air is present:

with certainty, without noise.

Love me in silence, in the things that need no words.

Love me in action, through time and space.

Love me when you can no longer count, when your eyes cease to see.

Love me with the silence of a thousand spaces,

with the patience of a quiet stream.

Love me if our journeys shall reach the same mountain,

and if there is no mountain, love me just the same.

Simply, just because…

Love me the only way love loves: today, tomorrow, unconditionally.

By tuttysan © 2013

Unconditional love poems. Photo: Sunset in Manly, as seen from Shelly Beach, New South Wales.