What I gave you were crumbs of love

whatever the passion wolves didn’t devour.

What I searched for in you were tender hugs

respite from the hurt of times sour.

And I didn’t buy you any rocks…

the ones worthy of big commitments.

There was no white dress flying to the wind off the Caribbean Sea;

there was no sigh, no tears, no shock.

What we had was certainty, the type you can’t fabricate with wishes.

What we touched were hands interlocked in mutual knowledge.

What we breathed was an inhale you can only take in peace.

Love, as we knew it had come and gone;

and in sobriety from that old high I came to know you:

steady like a leaf in the wind…

clear like the big blue beach of our tainted dreams.

What I gave you was I… and I am no gift.

By tuttysan © 2014