You and I, a poem. Street in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

Walking these streets, déjà vu.

Been here before, si señor.

Had this wine once, yes oh yes.

Got drunk on it, maybe not like now.

There’s change.  Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Try to keep up with you change. I can’t.

How about I sit on this couch

while you run about in your strange circle?

Go through the motions and step unsure,

knowing that it will figure itself out, this tangled knot.

It always does.

I’m curious though, who are you?

Because I don’t remember you.

My memories seem to quickly fade.

You seem fun, are you?

You’re kinda skinny, don’t you eat?

You’re kinda cute, may I kiss you?

And why doesn’t everybody?

Why are we here?

I have to drag you and your rightful choices.

One and many times I do.

Why do you sabotage me, I wonder?

Do you sabotage, or help?

You like hiking, I bet. I do too.

Let’s take a hike…

whirl around the grass like in the movies.

You seem sane, have you lost your mind?

What mind, you ask. what’s in a mind?

By tuttysan © 2007