Update to June 2013:

Paul Knopfler, the poet whose writing I refer to in this post cancelled his blog a few years ago, never to be heard from again – so the link to the full version of “The Consumer’s Manifesto” will not work. However, read on to the comment session of this post, where Pablito and I shared writers’ inspiration. You shall not be disappointed. Wherever you are Pablo: show up, I could use a muse.

Original post:

Paul’s writing stands out from much of what I read in other poetry/writing blogs. He is bluntly risque in his choice of subject and in the way he delivers his pieces. Provocative writing, to be descriptive. Endlessly creative, and masterful in his handling of vocabulary. Here is a sample of his work. Click on the link to read more.


Chaos is edible. Repairable. Loving. Creamy. Crumbling. Mellow. It melts in your mouth. It is sweet. Unbearable. Sometimes bitter. Fleshy on the outside like a saladito. Triturable. Lean. Fool. Sick of remorse. Affordable. It is not compassionate, but it warns you when it will behave like a son of a bitch. Literally, it is a fucking son of a bitch. Sadistic. Deceiving but tender when you glimpse it on time. Wise, but non know-it-all. Torturable, like you and your traumas. Pragmatic. Philosophical. Pointed. It easyly bleeds to the smallest provocation. Their blood is lava. That lava is not edible.

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