Words are cheap, but invaluable

when they speak of the abundance of the heart.

Emotions are male, aggressive rapists impregnating the mind.

Thoughts bud like daffodils early Spring.

Some bloom, others perish with their essence inside.

But the mind is always pregnant, with words and schemes, plots and plans.

Unexpressed words are abortions.

Are you pro-choice or are you pro-life?

Infertile minds are restless.

They flirt with emotion trying to get a rise.

Shamelessly provoked it grabs them by the arms, and fills them

sometimes slowly, at times desperately fast

with insane trespassing fertilizing the cast.

Words are babies, pure and innocent

until they grow inside.

Mingled with energy they breed love, hate, home, war.

But peace, peace cannot come from the word, for peace is silence.

Silence observes but it doesn’t have an opinion.

Silence loves, but it does not need.

Silence speaks, but it does not talk.

In the beginning there was the word, and the word made you and I.

It gave form to the shapeless and thought to the unthinkable.

Empires built, lives destroyed

Words are cheap.

Words are invaluable.

By tuttysan © 2015